Carlos Ponce

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Carlos Ponce


​​​Inspirational Textured Art: acrylic colors mixed with beach sand and beach elements, pouring with ocean water. Light, colors and texture.

Carlos Ponce is a Venezuelan abstract painter based in Massachusetts. He relocated to the United States in 2003 following political persecution from his country’s totalitarian regime. Following a thriving career in academia, he decided to change his hectic lifestyle and devote himself entirely to painting. Ponce has a studio by the beach in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

He often paints outdoors by the ocean incorporating natural elements into his work, such as sand, marine water, cockles, and horseshoe crab shells. The unique mineral properties of each material react differently with the paint and surface creating a plethora of textures and color combinations. Ponce expresses the infinite spaciousness of time and nature, the connection with the earth, and the cyclical fluctuations of the environment. His art is an open window into the wonders of Creation and an invitation to preserve the treasures of our natural habitats. 

"My work is a combination of nature with beach sand and ocean water from Bristol Beach, Massachusetts. Acrylic colors mixed with beach sand, pebbles, candle-wax, ashes, and ocean water as a way to transfer the light into abstract images. An inspiration from different poets and music provides the soul of every painting, reflecting the seasonal changes and the views from the beach.  Each painting reflects the moods, environment and different holistic experiences in an interaction among the elements and the earth"