February 2021

Grey Cube  Gallery, Honorable Mention, Abstract Art Show      Link

Carpe Diem Blog

January 6 - 30, 2021

Exhibit at The Cultural Center of Cape Cod, 307 Old Main St, South Yarmouth, MA 


Giving back through inspiration

February 4 - 27, 2021

Las Laguna Gallery (California)

​Landscapes / Reshape

February 2021

Caminante published at Artistonish  magazine   Link

My Inspiration (Artist Statement)


I believe and support the work of nonprofits and giving back to the community. Part of the net income generated from my art, paintings and publications  and from the artists that contribute with Carpe Diem Art Inc  will be donated to artists in need, persecuted artists in other countries and young minority artists in poor neighborhoods of Massachusetts

02/25 - 03/25

Exhibit at the Concord Center for Visual Art (Concord Art) 

April 2021

Diversia Earth online exhibit, Finalist for Tepuy      Link

Giving Back

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January/February 2021

Contemporary Art Gallery – 2021 All Painting. Link

14 December 2020

Awarded  Merit Award for Outstanding Art Work by Art Room Gallery

Carlos Ponce

My work is a combination of nature with sand from Bristol beach, ocean water. Horseshoe crabs off cast shells, and other materials with seasonal colors reflecting the changes in life. ​ The maestoso millenarian creature reflects the never-ending time and the sand the earthly approach in a combination with the changes from the ocean water and the beach as the center of the picture. Colors mixed with sand and sea water as a way to transfer the light into the diffuse images. An inspiration from different poets and music reflecting the seasonal changes and the views from the beach. Different poets provide the soul of every painting. Acrylic colors mixed with ashes, sand and ocean water and the inspiration from poetry, lyrics, images, and sounds.  Each painting reflects the moods, environment and different holistic experiences in an interaction among the elements and the canvas for the inspiration.